Manage your wealth

Comprehensive Advice

Experience tells us that “wealth without worry” requires doing more than the average financial adviser. For the clients we serve, tax planning involves more than filling out a tax return; estate planning is more than having a Will; and remuneration is more than a salary.

For our clients, these and other aspects of wealth are connected and tend to have a dramatic impact on each other. The true skill of the adviser is in putting the various pieces of the puzzle together in a way that creates the best possible outcome for the client.

Superannuation & Retirement

Success means different things to different people. One of our skills lies in knowing and caring enough about our clients to guide them to define what success means to them, and then helping them along the journey to that success.

When it comes to retirement, superannuation for most people will be the largest asset outside of their home. However, during one’s working life it is often overlooked or underutilised. Over time and with the power of compounding, it is important that for every year that you are accumulating wealth, that you are maximizing the potential of this tax effective vehicle.

Leading up to retirement is a very important period in which thoughtful planning is required. The complexity of superannuation legislation means that those who not only have the knowledge, but importantly how to best apply it, will fully realise the available opportunities.

We help clients retire when they want to – retiring in the knowledge that they have accumulated sufficient wealth to support the lifestyle that they have been planning for many years.

Regardless of asset size, an overwhelming number of clients say they ..."want to grow and safeguard their wealth without worry"

Investment Management

We follow a methodical investment process – thoughtful financial strategy, meticulous research and an over-arching charter of client goals, needs, concerns and aspirations.

Our method seeks to protect clients from undue risk, excess tax and expense, and subjective decision-making. Many investors make decisions based on fear, greed or hunches – or they can simply procrastinate and allow decisions to be made by default. We remove emotions from the equation to make sound strategic decisions based on experienced judgment backed up by fundamentals and market analytics.

It’s our role to rigorously monitor the markets, the regulatory environment and the assets of our clients, things that are virtually impossible for an individual to accomplish and things that the majority of our clients have either no time or inclination to stay on top of. By keeping our finger on the pulse we can move with stealth to take a proactive stance and to take advantage of changed conditions.

Estate Planning

You have likely spent your working career building a legacy for you and your family. Poor estate planning can destroy not only what you’ve worked hard to build, but generational wealth as well.

While a basic Will and estate plan allows you to decide who will receive your assets upon your death, more considered wealth transfer planning may enable you to pass additional wealth to your descendants, protect inheritance from ending up in the wrong hands and minimise what can be a substantial tax burden for beneficiaries.

We have access to some of the best estate lawyers in Australia. Conversely we can also work with your existing lawyer, reducing your costs while maximising outcomes.

Not only will we help you construct a robust estate plan, we make it part of our job to remind you to review your plan amidst changes in tax law and other relevant considerations to ensure you are preserving your families’ wealth.

Whether it’s guiding you on an appropriate choice of estate lawyer for your needs, advising on the right type of trust for wealth transfer, ensuring that you have completed the appropriate nominations in your superannuation or identifying the intangible aspects worth considering, we apply a holistic approach to your estate planning to ensure that it matches your intentions.