Our Firm

Developing lasting relationships with clients is at the heart of what we do. It allows us to craft financial strategies that are as unique as the individuals we serve – designed around their particular style and situation, goals and definition of success.

We are relentlessly focused on the best interests of our clients. For us, everything starts with working with the right people. To help us achieve our clients’ goals we hand pick the very best people – not only in terms of exemplary technical ability, but extending to values, character, integrity and a genuine interest in people.

Extending beyond our core team, Financial Keys has a strong community of wealth management professionals who share similar values and together enable our clients to gain access to superior knowledge – this includes the very best tax specialists, accountants, estate planners and lawyers to ensure clients of ours have access to the most superior, comprehensive and integrated advice.

You may also have your own trusted advisers that we are happy to work with to ensure that your financial and lifestyle affairs are integrated to maximise your wealth.

Our Advisers

Clients choose us because they want to work with an advisory team who will regularly exceed their expectations and challenge their thinking.

Invest with Confidence

We follow a methodical investment process – thoughtful financial engineering, stringent research and an over-arching charter of client goals, needs, concerns and aspirations.

Our method seeks to protect clients from undue risk, excess tax and expense, and subjective decision-making. Many investors make decisions based on fear, greed or hunches – or they can simply procrastinate and allow decisions to be made by default. We remove emotions from the equation to make sound strategic decisions based on experienced judgment backed up by fundamentals and market analytics.

It’s our role to rigorously monitor the markets, the regulatory environment and the assets of our clients, things that are virtually impossible for an individual to accomplish and things that the majority of our clients have either no time or inclination to stay on top of. By keeping our finger on the pulse we can move with stealth to take a proactive stance and to take advantage of changed conditions.

Some of Australia's leading CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs rely on Financial Keys to manage their financial lives.

Our Investment Committee

Financial Keys has its own investment committee to ensure that its clients have access to a broad range of sophisticated and high performing investment options that can be individually customised.

In-house research has become a rarity, with most financial planning firms defaulting to the investment decisions of large fund managers. We believe that our clients deserve more. We add another layer of insight and due diligence to create a wider range of choice for our clients.

The Financial Keys Investment Committee comprises a seasoned team of investment experts from a variety of disciplines, providing quantitative and qualitative due diligence, monitoring, oversight, and risk management.

Two key investment consulting firms are key members of this investment committee, those being Insight Investment Consultants and Evergreen Consultants. Collectively these investment specialists advise on over $10billion of investments.

“Financial Keys has been advising me for over ten years and their guidance has been exceptional. There seems to be few financial advisory organisations left that can appropriately balance both the need of investors to find capital growth and income generating opportunities, but also blend this with farsighted prudence. Customer service from all members of the organisation has been outstanding and in view of the colossal volume of  regulations and compliance required to ‘protect’ the consumer these days, having a trusted agent to guide me through has been invaluable. I highly recommend Financial Keys and would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone considering using them.”

Mike Henshaw
Portfolio Manager - Pure Asset Management

Our Clients

Our clients are successful leaders, directors, corporate executives, professional service providers, business owners,  HNW retirees and families with multifaceted needs.

The people we advise value our comprehensive wealth planning services and the discretion we apply as we manage their financial affairs.

We know how important it is for you to find the right financial adviser who has the expertise to protect and grow your wealth with the utmost care, and someone you feel comfortable with.  Most of Financial Keys clients refer us to their friends and colleagues – and as a client you will understand why. It’s because of the trust we earn by doing what we say we will do, being ruthlessly honest and putting client needs first.

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