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Increases to Superannuation Thresholds – 1 July 2014

by Mark Causer

In July 2013 we reported to you changes to superannuation and in particular, changes to superannuation contribution caps.

The Australian Taxation Office has recently released the latest Superannuation Thresholds which will now apply for the 2014/15 financial year, i.e. starting from 1 July 2014.

The 2014 / 2015 thresholds will be as follows;

  • The general Concessional contributions cap is being increased to $30,000 from $25,000

  • The Concessional contributions cap for those over age 59 years as at 30th June, will  remain at $35,000 but will apply to anyone aged 49 or more on 30th June 2014

  • The Non-concessional contributions caps will be increased to $180,000 from $150,000 i.e. generally calculated as 6 X the ‘normal’ Concessional contribution cap ($30,000 from 1 July 2014)

  • As a result of the annual increase to the Non-concessional contributions cap, the 3 year bring forward limit will increase to $540,000 from $450,000. It is important to note that IF you have already triggered your ‘bring forward’ contribution cap, the new limit will not apply to you

  • The CGT Non-concessional contributions cap will increase to $1,355,000 from $1,315,000

  • The Low rate tax cap will increase to $185,000 from $180,000

  • The Maximum SG contributions base will increase to $49,430 per quarter, from $48,040 per quarter

With respect to the Government Co-Contribution:

  • the lower threshold will increase to $34,488, from $33,516. (This is the threshold above which the maximum co-contribution amount of $500 begins to taper.)

  • the higher threshold will increased to $49,488, from $48,516. (This is the threshold above which the co-contribution will not be paid.)

Please note that there will be NO change to the Low income superannuation contribution of $37,000 as this income threshold is not indexed by AWOTE.  (There is pending legislation to abolish this co-contribution in respect of 2013/14 and subsequent financial years.)

Pensioners - There will be NO change to the percentage of Account Based Pensions that must be drawn as a minimum.  

Continuing with the legislated increases to the Super Guarantee rate; the SG payment will increase to 9.5% from 1 July, previously 9.25%. (There is also pending legislation that if passed will see the SG rate stay at 9.25% for 2014/15 and 2015/16.

This change to the SG rate will have an impact to both employers and employees.

With the unfortunate increase in redundancy payments being made presently, it will be important to note the changes to Eligible Employment Termination. The tax rates will be indexed to rise from 1 July 2014. They will rise as follows;

  • The Life benefit cap on employment termination payments will increase to $185,000, from $180,000

  • The Death benefit cap on employment termination payments will also increase to $185,000, from $180,000

  • Genuine redundancy and Early Retirement scheme payment limits will see the base limit increase to $9,514 from $9,246 and the “complete year of service amount” increasing to $4,758 from $4,624

It is important that you understand what each of these changes means to you and how you might change your arrangements to maximise your overall position.

We strongly recommend you contact Financial Keys if you are unsure as to what and how each of these changes might impact you. 


March 10, 2014
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